Making a Statement

This one is going to be short and sweet.

Our final week with David and amongst the sadness of him leaving the space there is a real excitement about what is to come. In the transition from the research and development stage to the rehearsal period and the switch from David to Hetain as creative leaders we decided the best way to move between the two would be to consolidate what we have made so far. This came in the shape of showing Hetain what we can do as a company, what we have created and who we are. This decision defined the last two sessions with David as we moved between consolidating work created and new work still to be discovered.

The new work came in the shape of developing a stronger physical bond between performers and preparing for working intimately. Soon half the young people had their eyes closed and were being led by their partners with only their fingers touching. Some couples were slow and staggered, others more energetic and explorative. It is the first time the young company have worked like this and what is interesting is the divide in the group where some happily fall into being blindly led and others are tentative of the exercise. This is sort of the final exercise in developing the ensemble. They’ve sung together, jumped together, clapped together, danced together, improved together, written together, interviewed together, walked around the space together (a lot) and there’s not much else to impart on them.

The tenacious attitude of the young people provided the energy and intuition to complete a scratch version of a creative sharing for Hetain. We finished our final session rushing around the hot dance studio dripping with sweat making transitions, developing scenes and having a go (strong but wrong!). This creative sharing is about making a statement to the director. As with all of Contact’s Young Company work, we are about identity, shaping that and being proud of it and the sharing is part of showing that to Hetain. It’s a shame to be leaving David but I have no doubt the energy and sense of play he has helped to build in the group will remain. Stay tuned for the first week of work with Hetain Patel our superb director and where the show is moving. Check out Contact’s twitter and website for more details on the show and links for tickets can be found on the main page of this site.



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