Oh Man – Contact Theatre 2018

Oh Man is the most recent undertaking by the award winning Contact Young Company. It is a project which begins to unpack and address how we think about masculinity. It’s aim is not to point out the flaws in gender binary concepts and to discuss the toxicity of certain types of masculinity, but to open the doors to change and hopefully make everyone laugh along the way. CYC has been established for many years and has helped to inspire hundreds of young people to express themselves creatively. It stretches an entire generation, with Young People from the ages of 15-25 filling the ranks. This makes it unique and offers visiting practitioners and artists a glimpse into the world our Young People are growing up in and the world they want to help shape.

Headed by Hetain Patel and led during the workshop stage by David Judge, this piece promises to be provocative, fast-paced and imaginative. Within this nest of creative eggs sits a myriad of visiting practitioners, verbatim content from interviews/field work and site-led action.

Christopher Roscoe is Assistant Directing Oh Man alongside Hetain Patel during August and maintaining contact between Judge, visiting dramaturgs and the Young People from now until the end of the project. He is a theatre maker, performer and poet based in Manchester.

Photo credit Benji Reid


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